Filming TikTok Video



Music is a very personal factor. It is important to be aware that your target audience may not have the exact same tastes as you. That means that generally it is better to stick with popular songs and tracks which appeal to a wider audience. While you may love thrash metal by using this exclusively on your channel you are widely limiting who will appreciate the videos with such a divisive genre of music.

You can view an extensive library of music to choose from by clicking the “sounds” icon in the in-app editor. This will open up the sounds library where you can browse, listen to and select a track to use.

Copyright infringement is rife on TikTok and while they seem to be getting away with it at present be aware that in the future the app may have to implement a similar policy to other social media giants where content containing copyrighted material is removed from the platform. Due to the fast and short lifetime of video content this isn’t a huge problem but be aware that some content may be removed from your channel in the future if rights issues become a problem for the company.

If you are recording your own audio to use then this is an area where spending a small amount of money can pay dividends. A cheap external microphone can drastically improve the audio quality of your sound.

There are a few types of external microphone which can be used with a smartphone or DSLR camera.

Lavalier Lapel Microphone – this is one of the small microphones you’ll see people on chat shows wearing clipped on to their shirts. Cheaper versions include a long wire which plugs directly into your device. Professional models can be setup with wireless audio repeaters.

Shotgun Microphone – these are directional microphones that can be mounted to a camera or on a mic stand. Point them towards a source and they will block out some of the surrounding background noise.

Condenser Microphone – These pick up a very wide field of audio which can lead to background noise. In the right environment however a condenser mic will provide the best audio quality.

If you are recording audio directly to a PC or laptop then you will either need a USB microphone or an audio interface. Recording directly in to the microphone socket on your laptop wont give a good result.