TikTok Famous


TikTok is a social discovery platform. While to some extent you can connect with friends and colleagues it is more focused around finding new content and content creators.

This makes it the ideal platform for building an audience. Users are actively looking for new content that captures their interest and attention. If you can create compelling content that connects with your target audience then you will successfully grow your channel.

There are over a billion users on TikTok so there is ample room to niche down and create a channel specific to a narrow demographic. Having said that, it’s important to consider the demographic which is mostly Gen-Z and millenials.

Social Media Demographics (% of respondents)FacebookInstagram
Age 13-1679%68%42%
Age 17-2184%74%32%
Age 22-2675%63%15%
Age 27-3173%50%12%
Age 32-3861%40%10%
TikTok Demographics Chart Compared To Facebook & Instagram – Social Media

Building a channel aimed at users in their teens and early 20’s provides the largest audience on the platform.

Content that tends to trend on TikTok includes

  • Dance moves and shuffles
  • Sports clips both professional and amateur
  • Standup comedy and pranks
  • Beautiful people doing random things
  • Fitness/Workout routines
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Shocking / Epic Content

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there’s such a large, growing audience that you need to find your niche and where you fit into the ecosystem.