Filming TikTok Video



This is the in-app video recorder and editor for TikTok. We will use this to create our first video on the platform.
The big red button is the record button. Next to this you have options for effects and upload.
Effects provides an impressive suite of automated video effects. Click the icon and browse through them to find some inspiration.
Upload lets us use videos recorded and edited outside of the app.
Below these options you have 60s, 15s for video lengths and a Templates which is mainly good for photo collages.

The options on the right hand side can be used as follows.

Flip the camera from front to back camera for selfies
Brings up the speed adjustment panel above the record button. This can be changed between 0.3x to create a slow-motion effect and 3x to speed it up.
This option will use a portrait type effect to blur some of the midtones and smooth out skin. Try it with the camera in selfie to see the difference.
A fairly basic but usable selection of filters which can be applied in a similar fashion to instagram filters. The filters are categorised into portrait, landscape, food and vibe.
Set a countdown timer of either 3 or 10 seconds to give you a chance to get into position.
In low level light the flash option may provide some much needed lighting to clean up the grain on dark videos.