TikTok How To Guides



It’s critical to get good metrics as soon as possible after you launch your video. As soon as it is published you can share it on other social media platforms. Even if you don’t have a wide audience it can still help as friends and friends of friends might see it and they are more likely to engage with your content.

Even just a few additional likes can make all the difference during the seeding phase of your video.

If you are launching your channel then consider putting a link to your TikTok profile in other social media bios. If you have a youtube channel do a video about how you are launching a channel on TikTok and why your audience should check it out. Beg for likes and follows if necessary as a big push at the start will make everything easier further down the road.

Tell friends and contacts that you are on TikTok and ask if they have profiles so you can follow each other. This will give you a more engaged audience whenever you push out a new video.

TikTok does have an advertising platform. As of Q2 2020 this is still managed via manual insertion orders for high volume clients. Eventually it is likely that they will migrate to a self-serve platform and open it up to a wider audience. When this happens it will be an opportunity for channels to grow their audience in the same way they can with Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads for example.

Right now TikTok is growing so fast that the best way to grow a channel is to provide great content. If your content is good then it will be distributed organically and you will naturally gain a following as new users discover the platform and are actively looking to engage with creators.