TikTok Famous

TikTok Introduction

TikTok was launched in 2017 by Chinese firm ByteDance. The platform has exploded in popularity and is now the number one fastest growing social media platform on the planet.

This definitive guide has been written to help content creators succeed in gaining popularity on the platform. After reading this you will understand how and why TikTok pushes some videos to go viral and how you can become TikTok famous!

We will start by looking at the TikTok algorithm, looking at what content is in demand and how you can create a unique channel that people want to follow.

We will then move on to creating content and how to use the in-app movie maker as well as looking at a more professional setup. All the tools we recommend are free to use and modern mobile phones are more than capable of video recording at the quality required.

The section on professional editing is where you can take your T

The section on professional editing is where you can take your TikTok‚Äôs to the next level and exceed the average quality that is currently on the platform. Learn tricks such as special cuts, tracking movement and 3d effects to give your videos an edge. 

We then go through music choice and sound design which plays an important role in the feel of your finished content and the way it is received by the target audience.

Finally, we look at the business side of TikTok and how you can market your channel and monetise it to make money and profit. The top creators are making millions from creating quick 15s videos and you can too.