Filming TikTok Video


One of the key things to success on any social media channel is planning your content. Time spent coming up with unique original ideas will set you apart from 99% of other users that are just copying and following existing trends.

One of the most successful Youtube creators known as Mr Beast put his success down to brainstorming ideas for videos for one hour a day, everyday without fail. 

His content ideas drove his channel to have over thirty million subscribers.

TikTok is inundated with copycat content. If you want your videos and channel to stand out then add some originality. Put your own twist on existing trends and spend some time coming up with new ideas for content.

Storyboarding is a traditional technique for planning a sequence of shots. While this might be over the top for a 15 second video it is worth at least visualising the finished video before you start filming.

If you are lacking inspiration then brainstorm ideas for content. What is the most value you can add to your target audience? What do they want to see? How can you create the best video possible for that audience?

Once you have the idea for a video then you can start narrowing your focus to the music, background, lighting and effects. Having a plan for all of these aspects will go a long way to making the final product outstanding.