Filming TikTok Video TikTok How To Guides


To start our TikTok journey lets record a simple video.

  1. Start with finding an audio track. Browse through TikTok until you find a video that you think you could recreate or want to use the audio from.
  2. Now in the bottom right corner you can click on the spinning record which will tell you what track is being used and show other videos using the same track. On this page there is an option saying use this sound.

  3. This will take you through to the in-app editor and the music will be pre-loaded into the audio track. You can also change the audio by clicking on the music icon and track name right at the top of the in-app editor screen.
  4. Select the effects button and choose an effect to use for your video. This could be something as simple as the “Bling” effect which adds some sparkle to your screen.
  5. Hit record and make your video. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it for your first time.
  6. When the video is recorded you can always do a retake by hitting the back arrow next to the tick.
  7. Once you have filled your 15 seconds of video you’ll have the option to add effects, text and stickers. Note that the effects are different to the pre-record effects library.

  1. Enter a description along with some relevant hash tags for your video. You can use emojis in your video description.
  2. Select a cover. This still frame will be used as the video link in your profile.
  3. Once you are happy with the finished video click post to share it with the world.