TikTok How To Guides



Once you’ve had a few videos go viral and you have an audience of at least 10,000 you may wish to start looking at monetizing your channel. TikTok doesn’t directly pay you for creating content so monetization will focus on influencer marketing and driving traffic to 3rd parties.

How much can you earn from TikTok. Doing standard influencer marketing you are likely to earn around $1 per post per 1000 subscribers. So if you have 100,000 subscribers you’ll get paid $100 per post as a rough guideline.

In no particular order here are some ways to generate revenues from TikTok.


Brands and marketers are actively looking for influencers to promote their products and services. This works best when you mix promotional content with your normal value-add content and find products that your audience would find interesting.

You can either contact the marketing department of brands you’d like to work with or you can sign up to an agency who will list your services and present your channel to brands they work with.

The influencer agency industry is still very segmented and localised so it’s best to do a Google search to find a few that work in your location.


Companies like Amazon and eBay will pay you a percentage commission if you send someone to their site and they purchase a product. A high percentage of people already have an amazon account so the barrier to purchase is very low.

One effective method is to use the affiliate platform to get an affiliate link to a specific product and then promote that product. There are so many products on Amazon that you can find endless items that will be of interest to your niche.

Consider linking to equipment you use or new products you’ve purchased yourself. Unboxing, reaction and review videos are very popular especially for new tech releases.

You can place a link in your bio and then direct your audience via the video description.


TikTok accounts with high followers and engagement are valuable. If you have found a method to quickly grow an account then consider creating accounts to sell. This is known as flipping accounts and there are active marketplaces online.


You can use AliExpress to purchase products and have them delivered directly from China to your customers. You’ll need to setup a shopify store and then either import products manually or use something like Oberlo to automate the process.

You can then promote the drop shipping store on your channel and fulfil orders directly via AliExpress.


Some creators translate better from TikTok to Youtube than others. It depends on the content you create and your audience. If you can build a Youtube audience of 1000 subscribers then you can apply for monetization. This means you’ll get paid each time Youtube shows an ad on your channel.

Rates vary widely but diversifying your social media presence and cross promoting channels can help build and monetize your audience.


Anyone can set up a wordpress blog and create a simple website. The beauty of this is that you own the content and have the freedom to post whatever you want. A personal or branded website can protect you from algorithm changes and shadow bans which could destroy your audience on social media.

Content monetization is much easier on a website as well because you own the content. Google Adsense banner ads provide a high CPM income and are easy to setup with a wordpress plugin. A standard blog with auto-ads will earn somewhere around $5 per 1000 page views depending on the niche and audience location.


Skillshare and Udemy are online course providers. Skillshare for example charges a monthly fee to all members and then roughly 30% of this fee is put into a pot which is shared out to course creators based on how much watch time they received.

Again some channels will translate better to online teaching and courses than others. If you have an arts channel or any kind of education content then you can get paid to create videos and drive traffic to these platforms.


TikTok is a new platform with a young influencable audience. There might not be a better platform in the world right now to build a brand and develop a business.

If you have a passion which could translate into a product or service then consider first building an audience around the niche and then using that attention to build a profitable business for your brand.