TikTok Famous



So you’ve created your next viral video and saved it to drafts. Time to launch and release it to the world.

Your video needs a description and some hashtags. The description will be displayed in bottom right when your video is playing. Try to engage your audience, encourage likes and comments. It gives you a chance to interact with your followers and viewers.

Your description should also include some hashtags. The following hashtags #foryoupage #foryou #fyp, specifically get more traffic because the video can get placed in the users for you page.

Additionally include trending and niche hashtags. Trending hashtags work well because they get high volume traffic but your video will move down the list fast. Niche hashtags work well because they are specific to your video and will attract visitors over a longer timeframe who are specifically looking for the type of content you produce.

Timing is very important on TikTok to get an initial influx of traffic and gain the metrics to keep pushing the video. Primetime for launching a video is between 6-8pm in your local timezone as this will give you a two hour window between 6-10pm where your video is getting prime exposure. At weekends timing is less important as the app usage is more steady throughout the day. Experiment and see what works well for your channel.

Once posted your video will be analysed and normally within an hour you should start to see views, likes, comments and new follows coming in.