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Want to blow up on TikTok? Try using fancy editing techniques to create impressive video effects that users haven’t seen before.

The in-app video editor isn’t bad but there’s only so far you can go on a mobile app. Fortunately one of the leading video editing suites is free to use and is perfectly suited to new content creators. I am of course talking about Davinci Resolve which can be used to cut, edit and create incredible video productions.

The application can be downloaded for Windows and Mac from:

It’s a big application and will run better on a more modern laptop or desktop device.

DaVinci makes it easier for amateur editors by breaking the workflow in to 6 steps.

  1. Cut – Take your raw media and cut it down to workable timelines
  2. Edit – A traditional timeline editor for cutting and joining clips. Create audio and video track layers to build up your production.
  3. Fusion – This is a node based special effects package. You can do a lot working in both 2d and 3d space.
  4. Color – DaVinci started as standalone color grading software and it is still the best software for making your videos look great.
  5. Fairlight – Audio editing suite to add effects and mix audio tracks.
  6. Deliver – Export your finished production and render the final result.

In the above screenshot you can see the preview footage in the main window then below this is the timeline which contains two video tracks and two audio tracks. These can be cut, edited and complex transitions can simply be dragged and dropped between clips. 

There are free in-depth DaVinci tutorials available: