TikTok Famous


At this point it’s worth talking about negative comments and the dark side of social media. TikTok like any social platform has a small minority of trolls that will post negative comments on your video.

The best advice I’ve seen for dealing with this is to be compassionate for the poster. Consider how challenging of a situation someone must be in to spend their time watching other people’s content and then posting negative comments trying to drag them down. 

You can delete/hide comments but the main thing is to not respond in a negative manner. Our first instinct when facing criticism is to defend ourselves and our work. As soon as you fall into this trap the negative person has won and dragged you down to their level. Noone ever won an argument or educated a social media troll so don’t try.

By having compassion for where that person is in their life to be posting such comments will give you perspective. Negative comments are more likely to be a reflection of the poster than the content or the creator. 

If you find any negativity or social media presence is causing you distress or damaging your self-confidence then talk to someone.