TikTok How To Guides



Ideally you want to create a short brandable username. Something memorable that conveys what your channel is about.

If you already have a brand, business or website domain then use this. One option is for you to use your personal name or influencer name, however this limits your channel in that it can never grow beyond you.

Sean Cannel created Think Media, which focuses on helping content creators. He built the channel to a point where he can now have other people creating content for the channel and it has freed him up to focus on other aspects of the business.

Whatever you decide, make sure to take into account privacy considerations. MyNameMyLocation lets the world know who you are and where you live which may not be a good idea for many users.


The profile picture on TikTok is cropped to a circle and is shrunk down very small. A red plus circle covers the very bottom section of the image as well. Take this into consideration when framing your profile picture.

Your profile image should match your brand. This is the button that a user will click on to view your profile and add a follow. So make it clickable. If you are a beauty influencer then make sure to use your best images in your profile picture.

You can use any image editing software to add text which may help convey what your channel is about and why a viewer should follow you. Strange and bizzare images can often work well as a viewer will click them to see what is going on and expand the photo in your profile.


Your bio should sell your channel. Benefits sell better than features so focus on the viewer and what is in it for them. Why would someone want to follow your channel?

Emojis, love them or hate them they can liven up your bio. There is a full suite of emojis available that you can use in your text. Use sparingly where relevant for best results.

If you have a claim to fame or specific accolade then don’t be afraid to put this in your bio. Anything that you can do to generate authority and relevance with your audience.

Humor can also work well in your bio, if you can make someone laugh then you have them hooked and your subscriber rate will benefit.

Your bio can also be used as a call to action. Want more followers on instagram or more youtube subscribers? Tell people to check out your content on those platforms.

Here are some good examples:-

@extremeofficial – “The latest and greatest from the world of extreme sports 🔥 🤙 🔥

@ocdgamers – “Mobile Game Links On All My YouTube Videos – Click the link below and subscribe”

@wonguy – “Photographer based in paris 📷 How I edit my Instagram pics 👇”