Filming TikTok Video


You don’t need to invest in a high end DSLR camera setup to create TikTok videos. Having expensive equipment and very professional quality videos won’t help if your content isn’t compelling.

Throwing money at equipment will not provide as good of a return as spending time planning, filming and editing your content to be as good as it can be. However if you want to spend some money then you should focus on equipment in this order:

Lighting – A key light with a softbox will make a huge difference to indoor recordings and these are cheap and readily available. Look at brands such as Neewer who manufacture LED panel lights.
Audio – If you are recording your own audio then an external microphone can provide a huge improvement over the built-in mic on a smartphone or camera. A popular and recommended brand for entry level ($10-20 USD) is BOYA. For more high end devices take a look at Rhode and Shure.
Tripod – A good tripod or stand for your recording device will pay dividends and make filming easier. Gimbals are a handheld device that include motorised stabilisation to keep your camera more steady when being held. Sliders create smooth camera movements.
Editing Laptop/Desktop – Expensive if you don’t already have one but a PC will give you a much more powerful editing suite. Look at color accuracy when choosing a laptop as different monitors display colors in different ways.
DSLR Camera – A DSLR camera will give you a much sharper picture and the highly sought after bokeh effect which is a blurry background behind an in-focus subject. This is achieved by using a wide aperture to create a short depth of field. Recommended brands include Canon and Sony. Something like the Canon M50 will cost around $500 USD and can be used to get professional looking footage. High end cameras can also record in 120 fps (frames per second) which will allow you to do high quality slow motion and speed ramps.