Filming TikTok Video


Where you film can make a huge difference to how your videos are received. Exceptional locations can be found in the most unexpected places.

Again the vast majority of TikTok creators will record videos at home because it’s comfortable and easy. For viewers however getting outside and in new locations can add another level of interest to your content.

This is especially important for keeping existing followers engaged with your content. What is more interesting, someone who films every video in their bedroom, or someone who records content in new and amazing locations?

Here are some ideas to get you started

Holiday locations, going away soon?City graffiti and urban landscapesWorkplaces such as offices
Parks and botanical gardensAirports, train stationsNightclubs, restaurants and bars
Fields and open countrysideFetes and festivalsLakes, beaches, anywhere with water
Markets and other places with lots of peopleMountains or anywhere with a rugged landscapeHotels, AirBnB’s