TikTok Famous


  1. Create videos with seamless loops to increase the time on video as viewers will watch it a couple of times
  2. Use relevant and trending hashtags to help the algorithm categorise your content
  3. Use teaser text such as “Wait for it”, “You wont believe what happens at the end” can keep an audience hooked to increase view time.
  4. Use trending music. You can reuse audio clips from trending content.
  5. Copying existing content and putting your own twist on it can be a great way to use what is already working.
  6. Asking questions for comments or directly asking for a like can increase your video interaction metrics if done well.
  7. Post your content at a time when your target demographic is going to be online. As a general guideline posting content once per day between 6pm and 8pm is seen as optimal.
  8. Use existing social media accounts to build an audience on TikTok. People you know are likely to engage more with your content which can give the initial seed distribution a boost.